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TENUE. Is Dutch based sustainable denim brand. Designed in Amsterdam and made in Perugia, TENUE. offers high quality jeans and clothing that can be worn and loved every day.

Founded in 2018 by Menno van Meurs’ growing desire to contribute to a more circular denim industry while simultaneously safeguarding quality of premium denim, TENUE. was brought to life. Quality has always been at the core of a pair of jeans: A piece of workwear that could stand the test of time. Due to denim becoming part of the disposable fashion trend and no longer being synonymous with quality, it inspired Menno to make a change with his brand TENUE.. Thanks to his talented and close bond with the design team TENUE. has an extreme wide range of jeans that fit everybody like a glove. From a regular straight fit in a light or darker wash, black skinny jeans or a high-rise loose straight fit for women, TENUE. has it all. With a strong focus on quality and circularity, TENUE. bridges classic and contemporary workwear.

Another TENUE. signature is the brand’s transparency. Thanks to a connection in Italy, TENUE. was able to join a small family factory, specialising in small denim collections and runway jeans for couture houses. This artisan factory in Padova created the first modern, high quality TENUE. pair of jeans. After switching to a new Italian factory in Perugia, TENUE. teamed up with an Italian producer who also manufactures trousers for various denim powerhouses. They currently produce the full TENUE. collection and are in close collaboration with their factories and suppliers in Italy.

Whether you choose a classic silhouette like the TENUE. Sophia Savanna or prefer a more contemporary denim staple like the TENUE. Luke Eugene, all TENUE. jeans are perfect for any occasion. Pair it with a casual, laid back shirt or dress it up, it’s all up to you. There’s plenty of different TENUE. styles to chose from in our Graanmarkt 13 e-shop.

After conquering the streets of its hometown Amsterdam, TENUE. is ready to take on the Belgian denim market. Striding to create ethically produced and honest garments that last a lifetime, TENUE. is a real gamechanger. With their motto ‘buy less, but better’ we at Graanmarkt 13 couldn’t agree more and are therefore extremely proud to add TENUE. to our assortment of brands. Having troubles choosing the perfect pair of jeans online, Menno has taught us well. If you feel like you need some professional TENUE. advice, you are most welcome to visit our Antwerp store or find the collection in our E-shop.