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The design objects from Frama inspire the senses and encourage mindful living. Ranging from small items to furniture, the collections of this Danish brand focus on solid materials with natural finishes, simple geometry, timelessness and uncompromising quality. Frama connects the imaginative with the practical, resulting in an honest product range that goes back to basics, leaving behind all unnecessary details without losing their uniquely warm character.

Since the launch of Frama’s first design collection in 2011, the brand has embraced a multi-disciplinary approach to design, equally inspired by the old and the new, by digital technologies and analogue, hands-on traditions. Frama often uses untreated materials such as aluminium and bronze materials that age beautifully and contrast well with warm, natural interior tones.

Frama’s collections are presented in an impressive historic building in Copenhagen, serving both as their headquarters and as a lively meeting space hosting open events, collaborative gatherings and design installations. This ever-evolving studio space nicely reflects Frama’s synergy between the past and present and the creative processes behind their body of work. Frama’s naturalistic, collaborative approach to design and the production process has allowed the brand to create a unified, organic aesthetic across a growing range of products including chairs, tables, lighting, home objects, fabrics, apothecary, books, and kitchens.

The Frama Rivet box for example is made from untreated aluminium which becomes ever more beautiful over time. The table balances on the verge between design and industrial production and contrasts nicely with warm interior tones. The T-lamp is a take on the archetypal desk lamp, with a simple mechanism allowing it to tilt and cast light from different angles. This Frama lamp beautifully combines a basic geometrical shape with a monumental appearance and is available in brushed brass, brushed steel and white. Frama’s apothecary collection is developed in their Copenhagen studio with carefully selected natural ingredients. Each product is gender-neutral and crafted with essential oils that offer a pure, refreshing and distinct scent that helps restore skin balance and captivates the senses.

Herbarium is one of Frama’s exhilarating naturally scented stories available at Graanmarkt 13. The rich woodiness and bright citrus notes of this Frama range remind us of a walk through botanical gardens, embodying the calming essence of wildflowers and grasses. Discover more Herbarium productsonline or immerse yourself in Frama's signature aromas of sandalwood, cedar and ylang ylang in our Antwerpstore. Next to Frama’s apothecary items, we also offer other beautiful Frama creations from furniture and design objects, to perfumes and skincare.