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Aeyde is a Berlin-based footwear and accessories house. Designed in Berlin and handmade in Tuscany, Aeyde offers the perfect blend of contemporary design, traditional influences and uncompromising footwear quality.

Creative director Luisa Dames started Aeyde in 2015 with the ambition to challenge the cliché notions of luxury. Drawing from German functionalism and Italian bravado, she invented an aesthetic language based on classic shapes, modern details and understated luxury. Her talented German-Italian design team arrives at blending research and spontaneity, form and function, past and present, masculine and feminine in a very natural way. Each Aeyde collection is a dialogue between all these geographic and cultural influences, resulting in an iconic footwear range of timeless quality. At the heart of Aeyde is the belief that good design is both long-lasting and multifunctional. Aeyde’s versatile footwear can be worn from day to night, for work and going out, season after season, today and within 20 years. Aeyde shoes transcend trends and only get better with time.

Under Luisa Dames’ impulse, today Aeyde has grown into a brand that is committed to integrating minimalistic design and enduring quality with sustainable sourcing and slow consumption. All Aeyde shoes are produced locally in Tuscany, which is one of the four main regions in Italy specialising in shoe production and home to the world’s best artisans working with leather. Aeyde also sources its materials sustainably in Europe, uses byproducts from the food industry, explores alternatives like pineapple leather, has removed all plastic from its packaging and wants to keep on growing as a responsible brand. For the future, Aeyde aims to invest even more in processes that are better for people and planet, rather than prioritizing profits.

Another Aeyde signature is transparent pricing. The ‘buy less buy better’ mantra is a foundational feature of Aeyde. From the start, founder Luisa Dames felt the need to democratize good quality and design so that people can afford to make better fashion choices. And there is plenty of Aeyde to choose from in our Graanmarkt 13 e-shop.

Are you looking for something to both dress up and down, you could try on Aeyde’s popular casual-chic boot range. Their knee-high Loki boots or Levi ankle boots are made from premium-grade leather and finished with a chic patent coating. Both have a small block heel and are great for both everyday use with jeans and under an evening dress.

The Aeyde Emmy boot is an ankle-high boot with a chunky platform sole for added height, which makes the boot very comfortable. Emmy is just perfect for occasion dressing in winter and wearable with jeans, trousers, dresses and skirts. If you feel like going out for brunch in lazy Western style, have a look at Aeyde's contemporary version of the cowboy boot called Luis. He is made for city life (which can be quite adventurous as well) and is a good companion for everyday wear. If you rather long for the old-school vibe, you can go for Aeyde’s Ariel cowboy boots. There is much more Aeyde to discover in our e-shop, from boots to clogs and sandals. If you need some professional Aeyde-choice assistance, you are most welcome in our Antwerp store.