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Ancient Greek Sandals

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You can buy items from Ancient Greek Sandals in our Antwerp store, but unfortunately not in our e-shop.
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Ancient Greek Sandals creates beautiful feminine and unisex sandals, mixing ancient mythology with contemporary style, functional design and high-quality materials. The brand was founded in 2012 by Christina Martini and Nikolas Minoglou out of a love for Greece’s cultural heritage and a passion for local craftsmanship.

According to an ancient myth, the gods and goddesses of Greece had their sandals made on the beautiful island of Crete by a gifted craftsman. This local sandal maker became famous after giving the messenger god Hermes a pair of flying sandals with magical powers. The golden wing buckle that embellished all his creations became the logo of Ancient Greek Sandals. The Victory sandals from their range, with their magnificent wings, were also inspired by this mythical signature. Like many other Ancient Greek Sandals models, they have a unique style that will surely catch the eyes of passers-by.

What makes the collections of Ancient Greek Sandals so fascinating, is the variety of techniques and materials used to decorate the sandals, from hot stamps, lacing, cut-outs and printing to braiding, embossing, clay beads and golden ornaments. Their collections are not only inspired by ancient gods and myths, but also by Greek pottery, jewellery, traditional tools and sculptures. Ancient Greek Sandals’ Lily for example features elegant black leather florals and ankle straps to make your summer outfit a bit more exciting. Ancient Greek Sandals’ ten-year anniversary collection pays homage to details and motifs found on famous Greek sculptures like the ‘Crouching Venus’ whose snake bracelet became an anklet in their Crouching Venus model. The Lady of Auxerre’s hairstyle inspired the straps of the iconic Eleftheria and Artemis The Hunter’s wrap-around ankle strap became a popular element of the Ancient Greek Sandals Artemis range.

At the same time, the typical ‘Ancient Greek Sandals look’ is authentic and effortless, raw and feminine. Their range features subtle details and contemporary graphic lines, like the design of the playful Dinos slip-ons. Or take the Ancient Greek Taygete sandals, which lift the art of beautiful simplicity to a new level by looking as natural as your skin.

Another firm column of Ancient Greek Sandals is their craft quality. All collections are handmade locally by skilled Greek craftsmen using traditional techniques that have existed for centuries. Each pair is made from chemical-free, natural tan leather that feels supple and ages beautifully with time and wear. Stitching is used delicately and a small inner wedge provides heel comfort and a bit of a lift.

Ancient Greek Sandals are available in the world’s finest boutiques including Graanmarkt 13. The brand often launches surprising limited edition collaborations, so keep an eye on their latest creations in our e-shop. Ancient Greek Sandals’ next capsule collection, called ‘Resort 23’, is made together with Monsieur L and will be dedicated to genderless footwear. Discover our selection of Ancient Greek Sandals sandals online or be our guest and try them on in our Antwerp store