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Caroline Bosmans

About the brand

You can buy items from Caroline Bosmans in our Antwerp store, but unfortunately not in our e-shop.
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CAROLINE BOSMANS is a Belgian based label and carries the name of the psychotherapist turned fashion designer herself: Caroline Bosmans. The CAROLINE BOSMANS label creates powerful silhouettes that combine both humor and surrealism, bold patterns and has a vision that know no equal and certainly no nonsense. With a passion for children’s fashion, CAROLINE BOSMANS doesn’t follow mainstream trends and you could say is not just ‘your ordinary kids brand’

Caroline Bosmans graduated in 2013 with a highly successful final project. After her graduation CAROLINE BOSMANS went to fairs in Paris where she presented her collection to see if it would hit the markets and without a doubt it did. CAROLINE BOSMANS sold over more than 800 pieces which gave her the encouragement she needed to start her own brand. She immediately founded the CAROLINE BOSMANS label which has been internationally applauded by celeberties and stylists and has been growing ever since. Caroline Bosmans children’s line is an ‘Oh couture’ meets adolescent avant-garde and each CAROLINE BOSMANS piece has an extremely eye for detail. Playing with the fine line and boundaries between boy and girl, CAROLINE BOSMANS defies both trends and norms that define children’s fashion by not just giving shape to clothing but to characters.

CAROLINE BOSMANS designs aren’t what other children’s brands are: big, bold, loud and mostly girly. With unique silhouettes like her rain coat in fluo pink or her poppy dress, a CAROLINE BOSMANS design that comes with it’s own set of bright colored markers, she let’s children wear their own designs. Just like them, CAROLINE BOSMANS like to draw outside of the lines CAROLINE BOSMANS ‘Official Fake’,’Allergic’ and ‘Frituur Bambi’ collections effortlessly clash, collide and combine in her own CAROLINE BOSMANS universe. CAROLINE BOSMANS is not only known for her unique collections but also her strong campaign images which gain a lot of likes but have received some backlash as well. As the strong woman and designer she is, CAROLINE BOSMANS turns all these negative comments into a new collection ‘Carolification’.

CAROLINE BOSMANS hard work does pay off and after conquering international markets like America, Japan and South Korea it’s time to win over the Belgium market. As a mother of four, CAROLINE BOSMANS designs and dedicate all her clothing to them. Her collections are for princesses that climb trees and boys that love to wear pink bows. What started out as a unisex brand turned into two different labels: CAROLINE BOSMANS and BO(Y)SMANS. Although she now has both boys and girls, everything can still be mixed and matched without loosing it’s strong design and silhouette.

After traveling all over the world and dressing the coolest celebrity kids, CAROLINE BOSMANS creations have found their way to Graanmarkt 13. All the CAROLINE BOSMANS pieces are courage’s, contain high quality fabrics and our favorite little buyer loves them. We just could not resist and have made a selection of timeless CAROLINE BOSMANS pieces that brighten up our Antwerp store and E-shop.