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Michaël Verheyden

About the brand

Michaël Verheyden is a Belgian designer whose work doesn’t fit into one category. His atypical career path has meandered along design, modelling, entrepreneurship and artisanship. In 2002, Verheyden launched his own line of fashion accessories, at the time well-known for its leather handbags. Seven years later, he expanded his range together with his wife Saartje Vereecken to include interior accessories and furniture. The couple designs and produces a range of houseware which falls midway between daily utensils and art objects. Michaël Verheyden calls them “uncommon objects for common rituals”. The Verheyden range features minimalist furniture, marble tables, leather baskets, wooden trays, T-light holders and decorative bronze objects. Reference works in Verheyden’s collection include the G55 Lounger, the Potte vase in marble, the Héron lamp, the Coupe and Cone (When Objects Work) and the Archetypes collection.

Michaël Verheyden is inspired by the long-standing tradition of Flemish design, the craftsmanship and the peace and quiet of the natural surroundings near Genk, where he was born and still lives and works today. At the same time, his passion for fashion, music, art and the energy of metropoles also influences his work. All Michaël Verheyden objects reveal the Belgian craftsman’s quest for simplicity, against the backdrop of a rapidly changing world. They mirror their creator: caring and thoughtful. “We need to feel grounded again”, Michaël Verheyden says, which is why his objects combine a global appeal with unveiled roots. Seasons or fashions don’t impact his pieces but can impact their colour palette. Verheyden and Vereecken are not trend-led, but the way people live is always at the back of their minds, and that changes with the seasons.

Unique about Michaël Verheyden, is how he combines respect for local traditions and expert workmanship with elemental, highly distilled forms. Verheyden blends serene shapes with meandering materials into pure, highly refined creations. His streamlined objects are a celebration of sublime craftsmanship and natural and noble materials that age beautifully, such as wood, marble, leather and bronze. The combination of archetypical, architectural geometries with warm, rich and durable materials evokes a certain spiritual power. “The obvious is never obvious in my objects”, Verheyden often says, referring to the silent, hidden stories his objects are telling, but also to the creative process behind them. After all, Michaël Verheyden is not only the creative mind behind his collection but also produces everything himself in his own workshop, together with a team of dedicated craftsmen. Every object Verheyden creates is unique and handled, assembled and lovingly looked over by the master before it leaves his workshop. This approach guarantees the highest level of quality and finish.

The Verheyden-Vereecken team has a discrete way of working and often collaborates with interior designers and brands that are highly regarded yet unpretentious. International architects and interior designers like to work with Michaël Verheyden, incorporating objects from his collection in their designs. In some cases, they go for perfection and uniqueness by ordering bespoke designs by Michaël Verheyden.

Michaël Verheyden won the Henry Van de Velde Award for talented young designers and received the Wallpaper design award three times. The magazine also included him in its 2016 Wallpaper Powerlist of the world’s most influential designers. Today, Michaël Verheyden’s collection is sold in boutiques and showrooms worldwide and can be found throughout all three floors of Graanmarkt 13, from our store to the apartment. Visit our Antwerp store for a wide selection of gift-inspired Michaël Verheyden pieces or take a shortcut to our e-shop here.