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About the brand

Raff Collective is a brand that is worth getting excited about. Founded by Nathalie van Doormaal and Valerie van Dyck, this female-owned business is Antwerp based and new kid on the block in the Belgian fashion scene. Raff Collective is a brand that truly stands out from the crowd, offering a range of stylish and sustainable items that are both functional and fashionable.

After a yearlong search for the perfect cashmere sweater Nathalie decided to start designing them herself. Having more than 17 years of experience as a stylist and buyer, Nathalie knows the Belgian fashion scene like the back of her hand. Valerie Van Dyck strongly believed in her friends idea, they joined forces and Raff Collective was born.

Their first baby was the ROSE sweater made of pure cashmere wool. With its relaxed, effortless fit, Raff Collective’s ROSE sets the tone for the rest of the collection: elegant essentials made from cuddly fabrics, in a wide range of colors. With their cashmere extracted from the goatees of Mongolian goats it is about the softest material you can find. Not only softness but also quality and craftsmanship are keywords for all of Raff Collective’s other fabrics. As a small and conscious label, Raff Collective attaches great importance to sustainability. With Raff Collective’s jersey, sweat fabric and organic cotton made close to home by a fine family business in Portugal and their cashmere from Mongolia, you can be sure the brand only works with A-quality materials.

Raff Collective takes it’s inspiration not only from famous style icons such as Jane Birkin and Sofia Coppola but also from their own friends. The slogan of the brand is therefore 'Raff Collective, made by friends for friends'. Not only do they draw inspiration from their own environment, each Raff piece is named after the person that it was inspired on. For example, we have our own ILSE sweater, named after our Graanmarkt 13 founder Ilse Cornelissens and available in 4 different colors. Nathalie and Valérie, who have known each other for almost 30 years, complement each other seamlessly in this Raff Collective story. Nathalie takes care of the creative part where Valérie takes care of the financial part of Raff Collective.

At Graanmarkt 13 Raff Collective ticks all our boxes: comfortable, good quality and sustainable items that will last a lifetime. Thanks to Raff Collective our shop looks like a real candy store and all the bright colors light up our e-shop just as much. Get inspired by their ultra soft high quality fabrics and emerge yourself in the world of Raff Collective.