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Extreme Cashmere

About the brand

Extreme Cashmere is not your typical fashion brand. Based in Amsterdam and wanted around the world, this Dutch luxury label offers a new take on high-quality cashmere. Extreme Cashmere both embraces tradition and reinvents how cashmere is made, styled and worn. The brand has become famous for its extraordinary shapes, surprising colours, extreme comfort and beautiful one-size-fits-all philosophy, reaching out to what we all have in common. All pieces are unisex and unisize, suited for all seasons and all occasions, for everybody and every body.

Extreme cashmere was founded by Saskia Dijkstra in 2016. While working in a high-end cashmere production unit, she dreamt of designing a cashmere classic made on her own terms. The ‘Crew Hop’ jumper was her first cashmere item made without making any concession to colour, design and quality. Surprisingly, this pioneering piece fitted everyone who tried it on, no matter age, gender, weight or height. The jumper was the firestarter of the key concept behind Extreme Cashmere: all pieces come in one size. Extreme Cashmere garments are meant for everybody, to fit every body. You’re not too big and not too short. When you throw an Extreme Cashmere piece around your shoulders, it will shape itself around you. So don’t look for sizes at Extreme Cashmere. If you love the way you are, then all you need to do is “let it be".

Based on this philosophy, Extreme Cashmere wants to create and produce the highest quality cashmere wardrobe around the world. To realize this ambition, Saskia Dijkstra found the ideal companion in designer Camille Serra. Both women met while working at 'Joseph’ and share the same mindset and approach to fashion. They feel a great need to create perfect products at their own pace, giving the creative process the time it needs, without making compromises. To realise their Extreme Cashmere dream, Saskia and Camille gathered a small team around them of both young talents and people with years of experience. Together, they combine their energies and insights to make your ever-favourite cashmere pieces.

Designer Camille gives Extreme Cashmere a clear aesthetic by reinventing classic styles in new colours and extreme shapes, suited for all seasons and all occasions. She surprises with colour, impresses with attention to detail and excites with styles like cashmere dresses, swimsuits and mesh tops. All Extreme Cashmere items are intended to be modular with endless styling options. From slim fitted to oversized shapes, Extreme Cashmere offers timeless styles that cut across generations, sizes, genders and occasions.

Extreme Cashmere garments are not only unisex and unisize, but also long-lasting and of extremely good quality, made in the softest cashmere. Trying on any piece of their collection feels like stepping into your second skin or snuggling up in a freshly made bed. The seams are flawless and crafted with invisible perfection. All Extreme Cashmere pieces are designed to wear and retain their quality for a long time if you wash them the right way.

To fully embody their philosophy Extreme Cashmere doesn’t do collections or seasons. In a way, Extreme Cashmere is not about fashion or fleeting trends, but about real people and offering high-quality one-style-fits-all pieces in the most sustainable and responsible way. It's about creating comfortable clothes with a twist to make you feel naturally confident.
Extreme Cashmere has been a fixed value at Graanmarkt 13 for many years. Discover this feel-good fashion brand in our Antwerp store, or find a wide selection of Extreme Cashmere in our e-shop.