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Graanmarkt 13

About the brand

Graanmarkt 13 has become a loved and noted destination in Antwerp, built up by Tim Van Geloven and Ilse Cornelissen over the years. Each floor of this beautiful multi-house tells a different story. In one welcoming flow, Graanmarkt 13 offers you a store, a restaurant, an apartment and a rooftop garden. All these projects living side-by-side in one place reflect the vivid entrepreneurship and relentless curiosity of founders Tim and Ilse.

When you enter Graanmarkt 13, you step into a haven of calm, beauty, and inspiration. Warm light, friendly minds and a tranquil atmosphere fill the spaces. In the Graanmarkt 13 store on the first level, established fashion, interior and beauty labels meet their cutting-edge, emerging counterparts. The carefully selected range offers collectables of high design and material quality, to treasure for years to come. Sourcing all these beauties, discovering their stories and feeling the passion of their makers, inspired Tim and Ilse to launch their own Graanmarkt 13 product range.

Because scent is such a powerful wizard who can make us travel in space and time, the first Graanmarkt 13 item had to be perfume. We developed a mesmerizing fragrance range together with Lyn Harris, one of the world’s most respected perfumers. A charismatic blend of lavender, rosemary, bergamot and cedar wood became the signature scent of Graanmarkt 13. If you want to further explore Lyn Harris’ fragrance universe, check out her wonderful range of scented products labelled Perfumer H, which we also have on offer in our store.

Because Graanmarkt 13 is, first and foremost, a welcoming home, our own scented candles quickly followed. We asked Cire Trudon, the oldest candle maker in the world, to create a range of premium candles with us. Our Graanmarkt 13 natural wax beauties burn long and with passion, spreading a delicate woody and floral fragrance developed by Lyn Harris. Another beautiful Graanmarkt 13 gem is our handmade in Belgium ceramic tableware, which is also used in our restaurant to serve our chef’s creations.

Because at Graanmarkt 13 we are deeply in love with nature, we also offer premium seed mixtures to grow your own flowers and herbs. Our ‘bee and butterfly buffets’ are compiled by master chef Seppe Nobels and herbalist Bart Belmans from Sanguisorba. All seeds are local varieties that grow on our rooftop garden (where we also harvest our own Graanmarkt 13 honey) and are Seppe’s long-time favourites. They will turn your garden into a paradise and your daily dishes into culinary experiments. We also supported Seppe Nobels in publishing his own fantastic cookbook around the idea to ‘keep it simple, buy local and cook with flavour’. For a drink, depending on the season, we also offer savoury Graanmarkt 13 syrups which are cold-pressed from herbs, fruits and vegetables without added sugars, alcohol, dyes or allergens. Gone is the dilemma of ‘what to drink when you’re not drinking’!

All these Graanmarkt 13 products express everything Tim and Ilse stand for, from an independent sense of beauty to supporting craftsmanship and sustainability. Keeping it pure, honest and essential is the motto that permeates every act, object and choice in developing our own Graanmarkt 13 range. You can discover our products in the e-shop or in our Antwerp store, where we can tell you a bit more about our Graanmarkt 13 production adventures.