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Tekla Fabrics

About the brand

Tekla is all about simple living and quiet luxuries. Founded in Copenhagen in 2017, Tekla Fabrics creates beautiful textiles for your home comfort, covering bath, sleep and daily living rituals. Over the years, Tekla has gained worldwide attention for its environmentally conscious, design-led and mindful approach that delivers the best products possible. Think oversized hooded bathrobes, super soft beach towels, unisex pyjamas, linen tablecloths, the finest goose downs, extra thick bedspreads and cashmere blankets in subtle colours. All Tekla staples are certified organic, chemical-free and made to last. They are functional and sustainable in a beautiful way.

Tekla founder and Acne Studios alum Charlie Hedin believes that textiles play an essential role in our homes. They have a lasting, meaningful impact on our everyday lives; they can alter the atmosphere and change the way we experience our surroundings. A well-considered choice of materials and aesthetics for our bedding, for example, can strongly improve the way we sleep. Starting Tekla trickled from this awareness but also from frustration when it came to sourcing beautiful yet affordable and durable home textiles. Hedin travelled so much yet never found textiles that made him think "this is it".

Tekla is different. First of all, Tekla Fabrics are dedicated to speeding up the textile industry's positive transition. They don’t play by seasons and want to raise awareness of how we produce and treat things. Tekla also carefully selects its suppliers; it took 1,5 years to find the right qualities and production approach they were happy with. Today, Tekla is sustainable through and through without compromising quality and aesthetics. Its fabrics are woven from 100% European flax and organic, Oeko-Tex ® certified wool and cotton to be free of harmful chemicals. Neither will you find any plastic in their packaging and Tekla donates samples and unforeseen overstock to local NGOs in Denmark.

Next, Tekla is designed to be lived in and made to last. Their fabrics, colourways and finishes have been chosen for their high quality. Comfy, soft and crisp for exceptional bathing, sleeping or living experiences. Tekla’s bedding for example will keep getting softer as you use and wash it. Their towel fabrics are extra combed and woven in thick terry making them softer, stronger and smoother than conventional cotton fibres. At Tekla, function always comes before form. Hedin's seafaring background may be responsible for that. A towel should get you dry. A blanket should warm you up. Simple like that. Tekla is about freedom and to Charlie Hedin, functionality is freedom.

Lastly, Tekla Fabrics are developed with a timeless design perspective, yet their pieces feel distinctly unique. Tekla aesthetics are inspired by minimalist architecture and the tranquillity of nature. The Tekla universe is all about calming hues and sophisticated pairings. In the last years, Tekla Fabrics has hit notable design milestones, partnering with creatives such as artist André Saraiva, cabinet maker Axel Wannberg, Danish architect Jorn Utzon and the renowned British architect John Pawson, expanding Tekla's irresistible product offering.

At Graanmarkt 13, we love Tekla. Their range is full of qualities without being outrageously priced. We are curious to see what the future holds for this one-of-a-kind brand (chances are high that Tekla fabrics are going to take over our whole house!). Discover Tekla yourself in oure-shop or come and wrap yourself in a big Tekla bathrobe at our Antwerpstore.